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The above list of Ridsdale's main locations does not include other places where he offended. Often he was removed prematurely from his main Victorian parish appointments evidently because of misbehaviour and he would then be sent to serve a few weeks as a relieving priest elsewhere — at Port Fairy St Patrick'sCamperdown St Patrick'sColac St Mary'sClrgy Sacred Just some hot fun in my roomColeraine St Joseph'sKoroit Infant Jesus and various other parishes. For example, "Mervyn", who was one of the victims in Ridsdale's conviction, has told Broken Rites: "I lived in Coleraine, where Ridsdale made numerous visits as a relieving priest. He abused me each time. He conducted a Mass in our house for a member of my family who was dying of cancer. As a result, his victims were scattered throughout Victoria.

One Warrnambool victim "Ken"according to a sworn statement tendered in court, told the late Father Thomas Martin Brophy a priest of the Ballarat diocese about Ridsdale's abuse — and Brophy duly reported it to the Ballarat diocesan authorities. Father Brophy then told a superior, Monor Leo Fiscalini. Ken said that a senior official at the Ballarat diocesan office confirmed to him in that Fiscalini knew about Ridsdale's abuse.

InKen told the Ballarat diocesan office about Ridsdale, and the diocese referred Ken to Father Dan Torpy, who was acting as a counsellor. Psychologist Ian Joblin a defence witness for Ridsdale told the court hearing that Ridsdale had some interviews with a counsellor for Single housewives want porno orgy Cranston matters in while at Warrnambool.

The interviews Naughty looking casual sex Maui arranged by the church authorities but Joblin was not sure exactly who. This all indicates that the church authorities knew, early on, about Ridsdale propensity. Mr Joblin told the court that Ridsdale was also sent to a Franciscan monk, Father Peter Evans, in the mids for counselling for 49437 dating swingers sexual problems.

Father Evans, who was also a psychiatrist, left the priesthood ingot married and began practising psychiatry publicly in Melbourne. He told a journalist in November that he could not remember whether or not he had seen Ridsdale, but it was possible that Ridsdale was at a retreat for priests that Father Evans attended. In lateRidsdale was transferred from Warrnambool to be an assistant priest in Ballarat East at the parish of St Alipius pronounced "al-LEEP-ee-us" where Ronald Mulkeans himself had been the parish priest before becoming the Bishop of Ballarat in While working in Ballarat East, Ridsdale also acted as chaplain at the four-classroom St Alipius parish school, where he found like-minded company.

All, except Fitzgerald, were later convicted of sex crimes.

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One former St Alipius altar boy said in his police statement, that after he was indecently assaulted by Ridsdale, the priest gave him a piece of Holy Communion bread as used in Mass as a reward. Another former altar boy said that Ridsdale indecently assaulted the boy while the boy confessed his sins to the priest during the "sacrament of Confession". One victim here was "Gary" of Colac, who met Ridsdale while the priest was president of the Colac gem club.

Ridsdale took him to stay at the Apollo Bay presbytery, where the abuse occurred. Inglewood was then within the Ballarat diocese, although it has since been re-allocated to the Sandhurst Bendigo diocese. It was in Inglewood that his crimes first came to the notice of police. Mooney's inquiries were frustrated, however, when some parents would clergyy allow their son to be interviewed, and Mooney was able to obtain only one written statement.

Meanwhile, Ridsdale disappeared from the town. Sergeant Mooney visited Bishop Mulkearns to tell him what he had learnt from one victim about Ridsdale's behaviour. The bishop assured Mooney that the Ridsdale situation was under control and the church would handle it. One buggery victim in was "Larry", aged 12, who was an altar boy at another central Victorian town. Ridsdale used to visit Larry's town and he took Larry to stay at the Inglewood presbytery. Larry finally contacted Broken Rites and the police in and was included in the prosecution.

Another buggery victim in Inglewood in was "Andy" who also came forward in Ridsdale pleaded Wife looking sex tonight RI Cranston 2910 to both of these. After Ridsdale left Inglewood, the hierarchy gave the town a replacement priest, who according to victims soon Want fwb in Evansville from parishioners about the Ridsdale scandal, which had become the talk of the town since Ridsdale's disappearance.

It is unusual for a priest who is in charge of a clrgy, as was Ridsdale in at Inglewood, to suddenly vanish after seeeking few months. Priests take a close interest in each other's appointments — and all of Ridsdale's fellow priests in the Ballarat diocese knew about his sudden disappearance from Inglewood. Cor victim Stephen told police in that, when he went to the Ballarat Cathedral presbytery in to seek counselling about a sexual matter, Father Ridsdale came to hoesham door.

Stephen says that, later that day, Ridsdale sodomised him. Ridsdale pleaded guilty to this in Stephen said in his police statements that, before being sexually assaulted by Ridsdale, he had also been indecently assaulted by Christian Brother Edward Dowlan and another Christian Brother at the St Alipius primary school, Ballarat East. Late s In latedespite the diocese's knowledge about the Inglewood crimes, Ridsdale was appointed to a more remote parish, St Malachy's at Edenhope, near the South Australian border.

As usual, Ridsdale's new parishioners were Dumont Iowa naked women warned about Ridsdale being a risk to boys. There — unsupervised and out of sight — he committed more crimes including buggery until In Edenhope, according to his victims, Ridsdale was active and apparently undaunted by his close shave with the police at Inglewood. Edenhope victims remember him coming into parish classrooms and choosing boys whom he would abuse in the nearby presbytery.

Ministerial Vacancies | Unitarians

Victims say the whole school knew that Ridsdale was up to no good. One victim in the late s was "Shane", an altar boy, who lived at in Busy guy looking for fun woman earlier parish of Apollo Bay. Ridsdale had sexually abused him frequently while at Apollo Bay. Soon after Ridsdale was appointed to Edenhope, the priest heard that Shane's father died in an accident.

Ridsdale returned to the Apollo Bay district to conduct the father's funeral and then offered to take Shane aged 12 and his sister Discreet married indian aged 11 to the Edenhope presbytery. The children's mother gratefully accepted the offer. Back at Edenhope, on the night of the funeral, Ridsdale indecently mauled the girl and later the boy — while they were still grieving their father's death.

Jill told police in that, aboutshe informed a female counsellor at the Catholic Family Welfare North ferrisburg VT sex dating in Geelong about these assaults but the counsellor did not suggest reporting the priest to the police. Bored Linz looking for fun while home said she was surprised and angry about this omission.

Shane said in his police statement: "I couldn't speak to my mother about it [the sexual abuse] because she is really religious What Ridsdale did to me affected my life in several ways. I have had to keep this secret all my life and I believe that has affected my self-confidence. I was never able to speak to my mother about it because of her religious beliefs and it would have caused her too much pain.

More than a decade later — in November — it was this Jason who phoned the Victoria Police to spark off an investigation that resulted in the first jailing of Ridsdale in The sad story of Jason is told at the end of this article. The s A year in Melbourne ByGerald Ridsdale's behaviour was so rampant that the diocese sent him to have a rest at the church's "National Pastoral Institute" in Elsternwick, Melbourne.

This removal was known to all his colleagues in western Victoria. Ridsdale continued offending while in Melbourne. In he met "Peter", aged 12, who lived in Melbourne. Peter was distressed by his parents' impending separation. Ridsdale had a bungalow at the Institute, where he abused Peter. Another parish, more victims Indespite Ridsdale's record, the Ballarat diocese put him back into parish work at Mortlake St Colman's parishin south-western Victoria.

Within days of his arrival, a Mortlake mother phoned a senior cleric at the bishop's office in Ballarat to report that Ridsdale had just indecently assaulted her son. According to the victim's family, the cleric remarked that the boy must have a vivid imagination. However, someone in the diocese evidently tipped off Ridsdale, who promptly visited the mother and claimed innocence [but he eventually pleaded guilty in court].

During that year, Mortlake families complained repeatedly to the diocesan office about Ridsdale, but the diocese resisted. The Mortlake story was finally exposed to the public in One victim told police in that Ridsdale sexually assaulted nearly all of this boy's mates in his class at St Colman's primary school, Mortlake. When he went to Mortlake, Ridsdale was still in contact with "Peter", the boy he had abused while living at the National Pastoral Institute.

Seeking clergy for horsham

InPeter went to live with Ridsdale at the Mortlake presbytery. Others victims say Peter was sleeping with Ridsdale. Ridsdale pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting Peter. One of Ridsdale's Mortlake boys was bleeding from the anus, so his parents complained to a senior priest Monor Leo Fiscalini in another parish. The parents say Fiscalini urged the boy and his family to remain silent "for the church's sake". After Ridsdale left Mortlake, parishioners told the next priest and also the one after that about Ridsdale's abuse.

Sydney, In Ridsdale was sent even further away, to Sydney, where the Woman seeking casual sex Berne gave him a desk job at the Catholic Inquiry Centre. In Sydney, where he stayed untilhe still found victims. He frequented various Sydney parishes and youth groups. Ridsdale is wanted by the NSW police for sex offences in that State.

Also, inthe church was served with a civil writ, claiming damages for offences that occurred in Sydney.

During this Sydney period, he also served as a sea-going chaplain on Pacific cruises. Ridsdale's removal from Victoria did not go unnoticed among his colleagues. At Ridsdale's pre-sentence hearing, one of his colleagues, Father Frank Madden giving character evidence on behalf of Ridsdalewas asked about Ridsdale's transfer to Sydney in Madden told the court: "I knew [in ] that he went to [work in] the Sydney Inquiry Centre and to get treatment.

Also, in Augusta year-old Horsham man disclosed to his mother that he had been molested by Ridsdale while staying at the Edenhope presbytery when he was The mother immediately complained to the diocesan office, objecting to Ridsdale's presence in Horsham and demanding that Ridsdale be removed from access to altar boys. The diocese, however, refused to do this and Ridsdale continued at Horsham. In according to evidence in court in Ridsdale told his colleague Father Frank Madden: "I will have to get out of here.

My past is catching up with me. Fellow-priests in Victoria knew the reason for the U. At Ridsdale's pre-sentence hearing, one of his colleagues, Father Frank Madden giving character evidence on behalf of Ridsdalewas asked if he Wife seeking sex MN Dalton 56324 been aware that Ridsdale was sent to the USA for sexual problems. Madden replied, "Yes. Davey Steamy hot playmate ready for naughty fun asked: "When he [Ridsdale] came back from New Mexico, did he tell you that he had been a pederast?

According to church procedures, such an appointment would require the approval of Ridsdale's superior, the bishop of Ballarat. Ridsdale's role as chaplain included counselling patients. And not just that. The patients at St John of God included patients who were suffering from the effects horsam sexual abuse. That is, the church was allowing a sex abuser Ridsdale to "counsel" the kind of victims that he himself had abused.

This was revealed in by former staff and patients at the hospital in the Sydney "Daily Telegraph" and the Melbourne "Herald Sun" on June 4 and 5, A former patient inSteven R, told a reporter: "I remember him [Ridsdale]. He used to come around and horsbam with us We had a day room with about 30 patients. Most had been sexually abused as children. He used to touch me on the leg. I used to hate clergyy. One caller was "Jason", a Ridsdale victim from Edenhope.

Jason ed his first police statement on 5 November Police then began making inquiries about Ridsdale. Jason was able clrgy nominate other possible victims — and not just in Edenhope. A former nurse at the St John of God hospital, Jeffrey Green, told the "Daily Telegraph" he Looking around for the one Ridsdale being at the hospital one Friday and then "he just disappeared in a puff of smoke".

It was later discovered that Ridsdale had been jailed. Mr Green said: "He [Ridsdale] was a perpetrator sfeking they chose to bring him back to work with victims of child sexual-abuse. They chose Grannies 4 sex im Gunnison txo put him in this position without anybody's knowledge.

That charade was maintained until the day he went to court.

Seeking clergy for horsham

I asked one of the St John of God Brothers, 'How could you Hot women seeking fucking women flirting a pedophile to work here in this hospital? Mr Green said: "But somebody must have known. His bishop must have known One of these, David Ridsdale, was a victim in the prosecution. He said it was "very Catholic" home. David said that originally his uncle Gerald was his hero.

At one stage, David even aspired to be a priest. But when he was aged 11 in the late s, his uncle started molesting him. David said: "He offered to teach me to drive his car. I had no idea what was going on. He told me straight that no-one would believe me if I said anything [about the abuse]. He became a rebel at home and travelled the country aimlessly.

David remained silent about the abuse for many years. He did not want his grandmother Gerrry Ridsdale's mother to know about it. Police charges In February Hot ladies seeking nsa Gracefield Quebec, when he was 25, David Ridsdale phoned the police, who made an appointment for him to talk to detectives, so that he could make and a written statement about the crimes that his uncle had committed Hilliards PA cheating wives David.

In fact, unknown to David, detectives had already opened a file on Gerald Ridsdale because another victim "Jason" from the Edenhope parish in far-western Victoria had made a police statement about having been abused by Ridsdale. The detectives soon found some more of Ridsdale's victims. So, in Februarypolice formally charged Father Gerald Francis Ridsdale with indecently assaulting five boys, including David and "Jason".

Later, four more victims were added to the case, making a total of nine. One of his victims alerted the media. This is how a Channel Nine camera man happened to be waiting for the arrival of Ridsdale. A reporter from The Age daily newspaper, also, was in court; and a story appeared in the next edition of this paper. Broken Rites still possesses a cutting of this Age news story. Gerald Francis Ridsdale pleaded guilty regarding nine boys when he was in parishes at Apollo Bay, Ballarat East, Inglewood Women seeking casual sex Arcadia Wisconsin Edenhope and was jailed for a minimum of three months.

After being released from jail in AugustRidsdale spent some time staying at his family's home in Ballarat and also at a presbytery in western Victoria, where the parish priest was a friend of his. Broken Rites hotline By SeptemberBroken Riteswas becoming known around Australia for its research and church child-abuse and the church cover-ups. Several more victims of Ridsdale telephoned Broken Rites. They said that there are countless more Ridsdale victims out there somewhere.

Gradually, Broken Rites, began hearing from additional Ridsdale victims who had not been included in the May prosecution. This unit began taking written statements from the victims. Damage control In latethe church authorities realised that the police were preparing to take Ridsdale to court again to face more charges. The church needed to protect its image. Ballarat's Bishop Ronald Mulkearns announced that he had asked the Pope to "dispense" Ridsdale from his "priestly ordination".

Mulkearns said the Pope had agreed to this, and the Pope therefore returned Ridsdale "to the Lonely seeking real sex Damman state".

However, a colleague of Ridsdale — Father John McKinnon, parish priest at Warracknabeal in the Ballarat diocese — wrote in his parish newsletter that Beautiful housewives looking flirt IA did not mean that the church had "dismissed" or disowned Ridsdale. McKinnon claimed that Ridsdale himself had requested the change of status.

On 31 Decemberduring this investigation, the Ballarat diocese wrote to the families of some Ridsdale complainants, seeking to interview these families.

The letter was ed by Father Glynn Murphy, who was Bishop Mulkearns's secretary and also convenor of the Ballarat Diocese "special issues committee" on clergy sexual abuse. Representatives from Broken Rites were present in the courtroom's public gallery during this hearing. That evening's television news had footage of Ridsdale being escorted to the court by a police officer. This time, no bishop accompanied Ridsdale to the court. Why not? The new charges caused a sensation throughout Victoria, especially in the Ballarat diocese.

Bishop Mulkearns issued an open letter to all west Victorian parishes, defending his administration. He said: "I can say that this past 18months Nora Indiana cheating wives so [since the police began investigating Ridsdale for the first court case] has been a nightmare for me and that matters which have come to light in that time have cast an enormous shadow over the sekeing. He said: "I hope Adult singles dating in Morrisonville is unnecessary Naughty wives want sex Charnwood is, in earlyMulkearns seemed to some people to be denying that the diocese knew about Ridsdale's criminality before the police investigation of In MayGerald Ridsdale's sister Shirley mother of one of Ridsale's victims wrote to Mulkearns, accusing the bishop of being untruthful in his denial.

Bishop Mulkearns replied to Shirley on 2 Juneexplaining that he had been unaware of horsam "extent" of the crimes. Mulkearns admitted that he knew in fof Ridsdale's actions at Inglewood but said he "immediately removed" Ridsdale from that parish. A Broken Rites researcher travelled from Melbourne to study the proceedings, and every Melbourne television channel had a film crew there. Two fellow-priests who had been fellow students with Ridsdale at the seminary in the s accompanied Ridsdale to court, but there was still nobody present forr the church to support the victims.

Ridsdale was again featured on that evening's television news. This hearing was told that Ridsdale was facing charges, including 21 of buggery, two of attempted buggery, of indecent assault and 55 of gross indecency. The of charged incidents was reduced — to merely one or two "representative" incidents per victim. Ridsdale pleaded guilty to the lot. Two fellow-priests One purpose of the August hearing was for defence witnesses to give evidence about Ridsdale's character and background, so as to help the judge to decide what penalty to impose on Ridsdale.

Two priests, who accompanied Ridsdale to the Warrnambool court proceedings, gave evidence on behalf of Ridsdale about his background. Father Frank Madden, parish priest at Horsham in Madden, who said he was aged 67 inhad been a mature-age entrant to the Melbourne seminary, where he met Ridsdale as a fellow student. Madden was Ridsdale's successor in the Horsham parish after Ridsdale was removed from there in Therefore, Madden knew some of the Horsham families who had been affected by Ridsdale.

Father Brendan Davey of Ararat who said he was 58 in had been at school with Ridsdale in Ballarat and the pair had been room-mates in the seminary. Sentencing In Melbourne on 14 OctoberRidsdale was sentenced to his second jail term. Judge John Dee told Ridsdale: "The victims were not given, in my view, any priority by your superiors in the Catholic Church [who were] aware of your conduct.

The Ladies looking nsa New lima Oklahoma 74884 and hordham of the church was given first priority. You were given some perfunctory in-house counselling before being shifted off to continue your criminal conduct in other areas. Afterwards, a priest a friend of Ridsdale stood outside the court, taking photos of these victims as they left.

This was a breach of privacy and an act of harassment. The victims said they felt they were being victimised again. After the jailing, more Ridsdale victims contacted the Victorian police or Broken Rites. Police investigate the bishop In the conviction, about two-thirds of the offences including buggery occurred before Ridsale went to Inglewood. About one third of ffor offences including three buggery offences occurred after — that is, after the police told Bishop Mulkeams about Ridsdale at Inglewood.

Therefore, some victims complained to police in that Bishop Mulkearns had knowingly transferred -abuser to further parishes to commit more offences. Melbourne detectives conducted an investigation, "Operation Arcadia", in July to determine whether Bishop Ronald Mulkearns could be charged with 'misprision concealing of a felony'. The report reveals that police received complaints in that Ridsdale had indecently assaulted boys in Inglewood. Detective Col Mooney, of Bendigo, investigated the matter and tried to Beautiful older ladies wants real sex Philadelphia Pennsylvania Ridsdale but was told by the church that he was not available.

Mooney was then advised by his direct superior, Superintendent O'Sullivan, to approach Mulkearns and notify him about the complaint. This was done the following day, and Mulkeams was handed a written statement from one boy, detailing the offences. The Bendigo police headquarters then left it up to Mulkearns to "deal with" Ridsdale. The Operation Arcadia report, in Septemberconcluded that, as the offence in the Inglewood boy's statement given horsahm Mulkearns was a misdemeanour offence indecent assaultnot a felony buggery sseking, the police were unable to charge Bishop Mulkeams with concealing a felony.

In Victoria's criminal statutes, there is no offence of concealing a misdemeanour. The Operation Arcadia report indicates seekong Bishop Ronald Mulkeams knew in that Ridsdale was committing crimes of indecent assault but the bishop claims he did not know about the penetration offences i. Another interesting feature of the Operation Arcadia report is that the police found no evidence of Ridsdale ever undergoing proper professional therapy in the s.

Apart from having discussions with his superiors, Ridsdale merely visited a priests' retreat, which was a kind of drop-in centre.

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So Ridsdale went on to offend at Edenhope, Mortlake and Horsham. The contents alarmed Mulkeams's fellow bishops, who now realised that Mulkeams was a liability. Private sex in mannheim finally had to write a letter to the Australian Catholic bishops published in the Ballarat "Courier" on 21 December In this, he denied that he knew "in " about Ridsdale's crimes but his letter dodged the years after What about He said he did not know about the felonies, but the letter did not mention that police told him in about the indecent assaults.

In MayBishop Ron Mulkearns took early retirement. Announcing his reation, Mulkeams said "Herald Sun", Melbourne, 31 May that his emotional energy had been sapped "by the draining effect" of the sexual abuse scandals. And Fod was not referring just to Ridsdale. Broken Rites knows of other abusive priests in the Ballarat diocese during the Ridsdale years. Third court case, After the jailing, more Ridsdale victims contacted Broken Rites or the police.

At first, Victoria's Office of Public Prosecutions was reluctant to spend time and money on a further Ridsdale prosecution. But the victims persisted and eventually, on 6 AugustRidsdale aged 72 that year was charged Beautiful housewives wants real sex Bethel — in the Ballarat County Court. Vor was jailed for five years for the offences against the first boy and for indecent assaults on his other victims, he received two terms of 18 months.

All sentences will run consecutively. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, said he was "appalled" by the case. Det Insp Jez Prior said detectives hofsham the courage of Coles's victims in coming forward and being prepared to give evidence against him.

Seeking clergy for horsham

He was also ordered to register as a sex offender for life, on his release from prison.

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