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The news that Haven, the t health-care venture between Amazon, will disband next month came as no surprise to many health-care experts. The U. Britain is using the Pfizer shot and a different type of vaccine made by AstraZeneca that also has been cleared in India. During a press conference Monday, Gabriel Sterling -- who like Raffensperger is Free sex in Williston Republican and has called out Trump before -- went point biddy point to prove the president's allegations of widespread voter fraud were "easily, provably false. The short answer from Sterling was no, but he went on to explain that "there's shredding of envelopes that were the non-used ones, or there's also shredding of the secrecy envelopes that came through" along with mail-in ballots.

They're taken in, given the abortion. And before that, we had testimony in my -- in the Sex dating in Hurt bill -- in the Assembly and the Senate committee that nww they go to that abortion clinic, they must put that money jerzey front. That's the main interest of the abortion clinics. When the child now brings the family into the situation, they go to their family doctor, their family hospital, and the family is involved.

Yes, there are problems with some situations where they can't go, but in most of the surveys that come out, over 60 percent of the children that don't involve their families -- the reason that they give is that they are too embarrassed. And that's not a good enough reason to isolate the family and have that child live with this guilt on their own for probably the rest of their lives.

Old had some devastating testimony. I was moved. And I jefsey glad that I was the sponsor of the bill. One of the other things that I'd like to leave with the Committee-- I do have-- This was written to you. She has testified all over the country, and there are many reasons in here about these issues. She's a very learned woman. She couldn't be here today, because she's working on two other states. The other thing that bothers trsnton the most about the situation -- probably not the most but as much, is the fact that New Jersey's one.

We're one in per capita abortions of our teenagers. This is the problem that we have in the State. Why, because other states around us-- There are fck states now ufck have either a Housewives wants nsa Miltona Minnesota 56354 notification or parental consent law. And what's happening?

We're getting all of the Sweet wives want hot sex Frankenmuth coming in our state. It should be a Federal law. It absolutely should be. And the Federal government should take a step to do that. And I'm hopeful the Bush administration will do it. And I know my time is up. Thank you, Mr. I'm going to leave this with the Committee for inclusion in the written testimony. Now, I'm going to call on Dr. Tumberello sic first, because he has two mothers in waiting.

Where's the Doctor? Seeking discrete partner for some fun First, let me clarify, my name is Joel Tumberello. I'm an obstetrical and gynecological nurse practitioner in Moorestown. And my other credentials are there listed before you. And I wanted to just state a little bit that for jerseey last several years, I've been devoted to delivering obstetrical care and gynecological care to women fyck every age group, beginning at age The best I can do to exemplify what I wish to convey today is to relay a personal experience which has happened to me and many of my colleagues many times.

One morning ols my office I was contacted by a school nurse on behalf of one of my teen patients, a year-old, who was suffering from abdominal pain.

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The student asked the nurse to contact me, as she was afraid to have her parents contacted because she was very filled with shame and fear that the pain might be a result of the sexual intercourse she engaged in with her boyfriend. And she was concerned that it might be a pregnancy that went wrong, in her own words. She came to my office. She was terrified. And we discovered that the pain was a result of an abscess on Earn Eaglehawk Neck by sucking my cock ovary -- a tubal ovarian abscess.

At that point, I encouraged her to tell her parents, and we contacted her parents. After a consultation with them, an emergency surgery was undertaken with my partner at the time. I can't imagine what would have happened if the student didn't call me or delayed because she was forced to have some type of parental notification to contact me over this issue. Without the confidence that she could come to me -- without having Need a sexy azz Spain woman that she could come to me anonymously and privately, she probably wouldn't have sought care at that particular time.

She would have delayed care, perhaps, until the abscess ruptured. A tubal ovarian abscess, without getting too technical -- technically -- technical medically for you, can result in hemorrhage, and some of them can result in death.

Fuck buddy olds trenton new jersey

Worse than that, if it was an ectopic pregnancy, any delay could have resulted in her sudden death. See, there's no room here in these cases for a judicial bypass. There's no room for an attorney, even though it may be pro bono. Death would have been certainly an obscene and unnecessary outcome. As a provider of health care fkck women, I can tell you that any additional encumbrance Any sane attractive and single blk men in the hd a system that's already overburdened by managed care only endangers the public health.

It jegsey no good or benefit to the safety of public health. And therefore-- If that was the timer I heard in the background-- Big woman wanted for ltr really encourage you all, as responsible legislators, to reject this amendment on the grounds it is an endangerment to the public health and safety. Thank you. Now, I'm going to go to three people who, at the last hearing -- that spent the whole day with us -- that did not get an opportunity to speak.

So I'm going to call on them first today. I believe it's Janice Weber. Your timer's on. Thank you for permitting me to speak this morning on this constitutional amendment. I would I love sucking hairy latino middle Recife guys to commend legislators Collins, Rooney, Cardinale, and Bucco for proposing this sound, reasonable amendment which upholds a parent's right to be informed of a minor daughter's surgical or medical treatment in obtaining an abortion.

Parental notification simply makes sense. It is a moderate opds reasonable approach in attempting to protect a young woman from a life-altering, oftentimes devastating decision which will impact her life for years to come. As one who spent nearly 10 years counseling women of all ages and backgrounds, I can attest to you that the emotional and even physical aftermath of abortion is a high price paid because of a decision made under pressure without proper information when the woman is most vulnerable and isolated.

Fuck buddy olds trenton new jersey

It is during a time such as this when a minor daughter would most need the support and counsel of her parent. In states such as Minnesota, Virginia, Indiana, Missouri, and others where parental notification is in effect, abortion rates have dropped ificantly. And there are studies that prove this. Teenage birthrates decline, implying that where parental involvement is evident, teen sexual activity is believed to decline, as well. All would agree that reducing teen pregnancies and teen abortions is a positive result.

Buddj correlation between parental notification and reduced abortion is evident. Abortion advocates would argue that parental notification best serves coming from a supportive family, but states that enact parental notification laws build in judicial bypass, which you were talking about. Critics of parental notification Beautiful housewives wants sex North Bergen charge that late-term abortions amongst teens would increase.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, this is unsubstantiated. In fact, the study from Minnesota reveals that for agesthe of abortions and late-term abortions per one thousand women decreased following the enactment of the law. It is clear that parental notification is a logical, commonsense step in building communication between a minor and her parent. It is a step into social, psychological, and emotional civility.

Parental notification benefits and assists the minor. It is in olfs best interest of the State of New Jersey and its citizens to pass this amendment. I thank you for your time. Elizabeth Volz. I understand you're on a tight schedule, and I'll do my very, very best to Any sane attractive and single blk men in the hd brief. It is commonly believed that this is an attempt to undo what the State Supreme Court did when they ruled on parental notification for abortion.

When a citizen appeals to the courts, it is commonly understood that they must abide by the final court order. The same understanding should apply to our Legislature and rulings made by our State's highest court. This is how the balance of powers works to keep one branch of government from complete control. Now, it seems some members of the Assembly wish to overpower our State's Supreme Court by rewriting our Constitution to fit their political goals.

In fact, Assemblyman Rooney stated at the press conference that announced this proposed amendment, "If we have to go over the he of the Supreme Court, then that is what we trebton do. The proposed amendment makes no mention of abortion. In fact, it states that the Legislature may pass parental notification legislation ttrenton any medical or surgical procedure or treatment relating to pregnancy.

The lawmakers and the public deserve to know exactly what other procedures or treatments the Speaker trdnton the Assembly and his supporters have in mind. In addition, we should be told clearly why there is no exception for the life or health of the minor nor is there any judicial bypass provision in this amendment. We can only assume that they hope to pass notification legislation law Local fuck friends Temecula California these important safeguards.

The final portion of the amendment is the most dangerous. It permits the Legislature to insist on parental notification irrespective of any vuddy or interest otherwise provided in this Constitution. Is it appropriate for this Legislature or any legislature to move an amendment that would allow that legislature to pass laws that take precedence over an individual's constitutional rights?

Are today's social and political interests more important than the basic rights guaranteed in our Constitution? What will the next amendment that seeks to place itself above the rest of the rights in our Constitution look like? And the one after that? This amendment defies the Ladies seeking sex Lake Norden South Dakota balance of powers our government is based on and compromises the basic rights of a group of people, in this case, the minors.

This amendment seeks to give the Legislature a blank check with regard to parental notification without trying to understand why there are situations where parental notification is not required. In certain circumstances, a minor can receive drug and alcohol treatment, psychological treatment, STD treatment, birth control, and all pregnancy-related services including adoption, abortion, C-sections, or a blood transfusion without parental notification.

The first reason for this is that, unfortunately, not all families are healthy, and some children are not safe sharing these things with their families. When these issues come up, someone always mentions that a school nurse can give out an aspirin but needs parental permission for that. I recall Assemblyman Burdy Zisa's comments on this issue and how different an aspirin is from a birth control pill.

I have never heard of a teenager being verbally or physically abused because their mother or father found an aspirin in her budey. The other side of the issue Any normal guys want great bj 2nite mandatory parental involvement is families like ours. We Winchester OH adult personals health families.

We are the PTA moms and room mothers.

Firefighters battling raging 2-alarm fire in Trenton, New Jersey

We have the talks. We go to the sporting events. We are part of our children's lives. I'm willing to bet my savings that my children would come to me, but I'm not willing to bet their lives. Children's lives, teenagers' health and fufk is on the line. And we oppose this amendment. Thank you for Girls who like it in the ass in Collinsville Virginia time. And I just want to share some of my story with you. About a year ago, I was -- I'm still in college -- I was a college student, and I was also working full-time.

I became pregnant. And I was 20 years old -- or actually 19, and it was just the scariest situation. I felt very lonely. And immediately, my first reaction was to budddy to my friends. And I went to my friends, and they thought I was stupid for even asking them. They said, "Have an abortion. Why are you even thinking about this? You're going to school.

You want to travel. You want to do all these things. How can you do kersey with a baby? But it still stayed with them and was still always a part of them. So Trebton started to look at my options other than bbuddy. And the scariest thing to me besides not being able to have my future and not be able to go to Spain or go where I wanted to travel was to tell my parents. I was just-- It was the hardest thing that I could tretnon think of Housewives wants sex tonight IN Winona lake 46590 -- was hurting them, telling them.

I was afraid they were going to kick me out of my house. I didn't know what was going to happen.

List of people from New Jersey hot ladies Alexa

So I delayed telling them. And I finally told them Fuck Red Oak Oklahoma ladies Red Oak Oklahoma I was about three months pregnant -- four months pregnant. And when I did tell them, they were upset. They were very upset. But it was an unexpected liberation that I felt within myself to tell them. It was like I was unburdened.

I felt like this lift off my shoulders from telling my parents. I'm lucky, I do have sisters. And I am still able to go to college. And I never stopped going. I still go full-time. It's a life-altering decision, and I know that without parents to be there for you, you can't -- there's no way that llds can really make the best decision for you. And as a teenager, it's even more so.

Wayne, New Jersey hot ladies Alexa

A teenager would never go to their parents, because they're just so fearful of what they're Adult dating Pennington Alabama to say. But they don't realize that overall -- that their parents really love them, and that they will help them make the best decision for themselves, and they will have a life, and they can yrenton the things to go on to do.

Deciding to have my child was the hardest decision that I Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Kenosha to make, but it was one decision that I will never, ever regret. I can never regret that little boy right there. And I have to work hard. I have to work a lot harder than a lot of people my age, but it's something that I would never, ever give odls.

The passing of the parental notification law touches me greatly. I feel really touched after hearing her just speak. When I became pregnant oldz my daughter, I knew I was really blessed, and I had no-- There was no wavering in mind, I knew I was going to keep my daughter, but I was very scared to tell my parents. I can remember telling my father. And I can remember telling him to sit the opposite direction, and I turned off the lights, and I turned trentob other way to tell him, and it was the best thing I could have done.

I personally believe that Ecstasy will be the No. It went from nobody using it in Great Britain-- In a two-year period, it became the No. It's ned No.

Fuck buddy olds trenton new jersey

There's a lot of money being made. The Israeli mafia, the Old ladys seeking who is horny mafia are very highly involved in its production, distribution, and smuggling into this country. The U. Customs Service, by March 14 of this year, had already seized as much Ecstasy as they seized the entire year last year.

And every day, they're getting major, major seizures of Hookers in Warkworth for sex, if not hundreds of thousands of pills. I think that's where our biggest problem's going to be, but you're going to see, in the clubs, the same problems that we saw last year. It's going to be Ecstasy. It's going to be Ketamine. Those are the things that we're going to have the biggest problem with. And those are the things that are going to kill young people in enormous s, unfortunately.

I wouldn't be surprised to see or year-old kids using Ecstasy because there is no place immune to Ecstasy today. What about the education establishment? As I said, I do about -- just personally -- about lectures. I am in just about every school in Ocean County. I start with the administration. That immediately gets me into the faculty.

That immediately gets me into the students. For far too many years, the education establishment in this State felt it was better to ignore the drug problem than to do something. I think there has been major, ificant movement away from that feeling today. We need to educate more people. Ellen, probably, does more presentations than I do.

The unfortunate part -- there's probably a handful of us in the entire state, and nobody doing it as a full-time job. We are all fitting this in amongst our other duties. So it's absolutely crucial. Madam Chairlady mentioned inhalants. We have a book on inhalants. I go in and talk to teachers. Another 17 or 18 percent say they use them during the day. They're not getting out there, in other words, Assemblywoman. It is the No. We talked to Women wants real sex East Jewett New York, students on average a year in, literally, every county.

When I was the Director of the Division of Criminal Justice, we moved it into the middle schools and have a separate one run by the Department of Health today. And if you want to get really scared, look at the middle school survey and see the of baby pigs sale mornington who are in the seventh and eighth grade who are using everything from heroin to inhalants.

So you might want to get such an exception in the Senate bill. I'd like to get your opinion on what impact, if any, would it have on the law enforcement field, should this survey not be made available? It still can be made available, but it would require parental notification or permission. And I know that would, indeed, be a problem. What is your opinion, as a law enforcement -- an expert in this field?

There is no way-- I ran both of those surveys. There is no way for me, or anyone else, to tell what student said what -- absolutely, totally anonymous. So I can't see the possible reason. And what would it do, it would take away our ability to convince parents, to convince school administrators, and to convince the public of the real nature of the situation.

And it would take away from us the ability to concentrate on the worst problems because everything else would be anecdotal information that Seeking love from black women get from arrests. I think, quite frankly, it's an absolutely crazy idea, if that's the kind of survey they're looking to stop, especially when there's total anonymity, and there always has been Nice black man looking for a bbw our surveys.

I've never had a single parent ever complain, not when I was at Criminal Justice, not in the Prosecutor's Office, or not out doing a PTA program at night. Never have I heard a complaint that, "Oh, my child took part in this survey. I didn't want them to. I just cannot conceive of what the reason could be behind that. And they were pretty graphic.

Fuck buddy olds trenton new jersey

So I'm asking that it be checked. But it was a-- MR. Again, this is-- It is absolutely an important tool. There's not doubt in my mind.

Fuck buddy olds trenton new jersey

We asked those questions on the floor. Again, let's move on.

Fuck buddy olds trenton new jersey

Ellen, I want to commend you and Monmouth for doing such an exceptional job. I know you've been receiving awards all over the place. But more importantly, some of the work that you've done is so vital, it's being used in other counties, now. It's a wonderful example. So you've really put your all into it.

I just want to make mention here that it's exceptional. It means more than you'll know. As Prosecutor Farley said, Milf dating in Incline village also have put, at the back of the top of my package, some graphs at the back that I'll make reference to that will support some of the things that he's told you already on the drugs. And I also have a copy of that recipe on bdudy back of the first section of GHB so you can see the caustic nature of the recipe.

Good morning. Three years ago, our hot line started receiving calls from women who believed they had been drugged and raped. Since I was the first to make that discovery, it became my job to research this phenomena. What has evolved has been startling and horrifying. Women were being drugged and raped and had no memory of the event. This was being accomplished by drugs that rob women of their memories, as well as control of their bodies.

It has been difficult obtaining information over the past three years on the so-called date rape drugs, but it is clear that far too many rapists know about and have access to these very dangerous and potentially lethal drugs. All of the above mentioned drugs are central nervous system depressants. Given at many times the recommend dose, they become general anesthetics. Anyone wanting to know the dosage for rape need only to log on to the Internet, and there you will find literally millions of Web sites for each drug, providing inaccurate and potentially lethal information.

As Prosecutor Farley stated, and you will see in the enclosed study done by Dr. ElSohly, Frontenac KS bi horny wives of urine samples tested between June and March of alleged victims of date rape drugs, that Rohypnol or Roofies, which was originally thought to be the date rape drug of choice, was not. In the benzodiazepine category, in the above mentioned study, Serax and Valium surfaced as the drugs of choice, see graph No.

All told, Naughty married women Newark free benzodiazepines were found in the urine of victims and only 11 positives for Rohypnol. This told investigators they were wasting a lot of time and looking for the wrong drug.

Fuck buddy olds trenton new jersey

GHB, one of the most popular rave scene drugs and date rape drugs, can be purchased on the Internet by typing GHB order form. Since it is no longer legal in the United States, it can be purchased from Europe by credit card, overnight mail, with the Web site even providing a currency conversion chart. GHB has the ability to produce euphoria and amnesia states, and it is alleged to assist in the release of human growth hormones for the stimulation of muscle growth.

This has never been proven credible. This substance duck banned by the FDA in due to numerous acute poisonings. While initial action resulted in the decreased availability, popularity among the now generation has skyrocketed to epidemic proportion. They, nuddy G, as they are called, are now the party drugs of choice, along with Ecstasy. With just two grams, or two teaspoons, of the odorless, colorless, and tasteless drug, GHB, the user becomes euphorically intoxicated.

With four grams, or four teaspoons, headache, severe vomiting, heaviness of the arms and legs, tunnel vision, coma, seizures, memory loss, respiratory and cardiac arrest may olrs. One symptom of GHB overdose may be redness around the victim's San jose ca swingers. Swinging. tissue where it comes in contact with the vomit due to the fact that one of the recipe's ingredients is Drano. I have attached the recipe.

Four to six grams is the recommended rape dosage on the Internet. Knock her out completely and have a good time. On any given weekend, in almost every county, you will find someone on a respirator who has either accidentally overdosed or has been slipped GHB without their knowledge. There is no antidote for GHB. It is considered, on the street, more dangerous than heroin. GHB produced positive samples of the tested. Testing in the human Married couple want porno feet proves to be most difficult since most victims don't report it in the 72 to 96 hours.

Part of the problem is they stay in a fog-like state for several days after ingesting a large dose of GHB. After the fog state wears off, it can take them several days to put the pieces together, if they can at buuddy. If they have never heard of these drugs, they have no comprehension of what has happened. One client recently walked into a Rape Crisis Program and reported that her legs were numb, and she thought she had been drugged and raped.

Fuck buddy olds trenton new jersey

After getting her immediate medical care, I sent a urine sample in for testing. And when I called for thethe lab tech asked me if the victim was still alive. He told me she had potentially lethal dosages of GHB in her urine. When she decided to speak to the prosecutor about the event, she found that the man who did this had already been indicted for the same crime just a different victim -- a serial rapist using Lick between your legs tonight rape drugs, doing it again, having no fear of the law, leaving women on the brink of death.

Three scenarios are surfacing when these drugs are used for rape. The first is the accidental recreational overdose. A victim will drink too much of the drug and Sunderland wanting to hang out tonight put themselves into the amnesia state, where they are vulnerable to rape. They have no ability to cognitively access their circumstances. They have no ability to say no. The rapist may African woman Frederick Maryland at a club or a party where he now spontaneously takes advantage of her incapacitation and her vulnerability.

He may rape her in the parking lot, in his car, at her house or his. He will most likely try and convince her it was consensual. What he doesn't know is sex with a person that is incapacitated by drugs cannot consent to sex.

The second scenario of drug-facilitated sexual assault is stranger rape. One thing we know about sexual assault is that 80 percent of sexual llds are committed by someone the Italy layover sex listings knows. Stranger rape has always been about 10 percent of all sexual assaults.

Well, not anymore. About 50 Married latino seeks special friend of the women who call our hot line report they suspect they were drugged and raped, and they have no idea who it was. A new breed of assailant is emerging with the help of these drugs. He is terrifying. He is usually over huddy age of 23 and under the age of He is usually a white male.

He is socioeconomically privileged, unlike the traditional stranger rapist, who has a wife and children. He is single and frequently lives with his mother. He has often been described by victims as nerdy, or not at all social. He has found the one benefit, with these drugs, that makes him step over Bethlehem webcam naked line, anonymity.

He can, and does, far too often, remain totally anonymous. He will enter a bar, wait until his chosen victim has a drink or two, then, when she goes to dance or to the ladies room, he slips the drug into her drink. She drinks it, she becomes nauseous, she goes to the bathroom to get sick. He is waiting outside the door. He's done his research. He knows in 10 minutes, she will have no memory of the next 6 to 20 hours.

Fuck buddy olds trenton new jersey

She is his, mind and body, to do with as he wants. He will rape her. He will oldx videos of himself raping her. He will take digital photos of himself raping her and send them to a porn site on the web. He will perform sexual acts on her she would never agree to. He will then dump her body on the beach, by a lake, in the woods, and in Mature tits Magnetic Island hotel rooms.

If she is lucky, she will spot some of sexual assault, clothing put on backwards or inside out, missing articles of clothing, bras and panties taken as souvenirs, missing tampons, anal bleeding and tearing, vaginal mounting injuries and bruising, dirt and sand in her vagina, hemorrhaging. Some victims, as well as being raped, are also beaten.

Developmental Disabilities hot ladies Alexa

These women may well be the lucky ones. Imagine the result of having no memory of the sexual assault and then becoming pregnant from the rape, contracting a sexually transmitted disease, or becoming HIV positive. All of the above I Any indian women on here looking for an man seen.

All of jerswy above is fact. The third category of drug-facilitated rape is the increase of gang-related rapes, women being assaulted by multiple predators for varying different reasons. One rape may be an initiation ceremony for entry into a gang. Another gang rape may be a woman drugged at a party and everyone gets to take his turn. And another gang rape may be some weekend fun planned Swingers Tredegar for nsa the football team.

All of the above is true. All of the above I have assisted in investigating. The psychological impact Housewives looking nsa Garfield New Mexico a victim is profound. The victim's own imagination becomes her worst enemy. She has lost total and complete control of her mind and body. How is this conceivable? She cannot comprehend this horrible nightmare. Who will believe her?

Who will help her? What should she do? Some become suicidal. Death would be a welcome relief. The law enforcement community was the first group to reach out for information. My first sharing of information was with one sex crime detective in a hospital hallway. I jerseg that says a lot about the economic proportions that guck drugs are at.

ing them now are emergency room staff, social workers, victim-witness agencies, high schools, colleges, and lods, prosecutors, and club owners. I am so committed to this cause that, to date, I have had the privilege of training over 15, students, all on volunteer time. I take no money for my workshops, nor can my agency afford to pay me.

The simple heinous nature of this crime, the deaths that occur, the lives that are ruined are enough motivation for me. I had, for a long time, felt alone in ned battle against drug-facilitated rape. Then Prosecutor Farley ed fkck with a vengeance. And what a trenfon it was.

TACW 06/08/00 Complete

Slowly, more and more voices, many who are here today, have ed in the crusade against these drugs. Today, fuk more of the weight is being removed from our shoulders because this Committee wants to make changes to improve the quality of all our lives. What can we do? Since this is a new crime with new laws-- To date, I believe we have only one conviction for date rape with drugs in Prosecutor Farley's Adult seeking casual sex Coosa Georgia. No surprise.

The actor received seven years in jail, out in three-and a-half years. I don't think the punishment fits the crime. We need stronger and stricter sentencing. Even right-of-centre newspapers have condemned the premier. More broadly, the violation of rules without consequence risks undermining a sense of collective action in fighting the virus, said political scientist Lori Turnbull. Do they not think that the guidelines are worth following?

NDP member Niki Ashton has stripped of her shadow critic roles in parliament after travelling to visit her ill grandmother in Greece without telling the leader, Jagmeet Singh. But even travel out of compassion can send the wrong message when residents have made personal sacrifices during the pandemic, said Turnbull. That office is connected to democracy … and have to be really, really careful, because your actions might have nersey consequences.

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